"The Maze Runner" Barcodes


For this project I decided to turn to one of my all time favorite book series and now motion picture films, The Maze Runner. Specifically The Death Cure, the third book in the series. After seeing the lecture on all of our options and seeing what the barcodes from To Kill a Mockingbird produced I knew I wanted to do something with barcodes, and finding what movie to use was just a matter of choosing something that interested me. In my opinion having a plain old black and white barcode was a bit mundane and I wanted something to spice it up a bit with some color. Originally I wanted to take a barcode sample from movies one, two, and three and compare those, but I was unable to legally find the first two movies so I decided I would take only the first movie with a maximum file upload of the first 9999 images and create one barcode at 6fps and one at 24fps in order to pick out some differences. As far as choosing what I chose to create a more relaxing feeling for my site, I used a font I found in googles options which is nice considering they provide the exact code needed to complete that same font on your own page. It's a simple copy and paste. The background came as a recommendation from my older brother along with a couple others but I felt that this was simple enough and not too distracting to the eye. Embeding the sources was the same deal, w3schools allowed for an easy lookup and experimental platform for me to test how I wanted the user interface to look and feel. That was about it! once you get going with the structure it get's pretty easy to add on as you go and as you realize some thing's your site is missing.


I found that having a colored barcode allowed me to gather much more information from the image that a black and white image failed to provide. Although this movies opening scenes are quite bland I still found that it provided a more manageable data set to look at. Although when we think about almost all movies squashed together like this I would imagine every movie would have their own color scheme and really stick to that in order to set the mood through the use of color grades and filters. I should also explain what I mean when I say I'm comparing a 6fps vs 24fps barcode. First off, I was able to download the entire movie in 720p in order to make the file size manageable I then used my professors website intended for taking images and translating them into a barcode. So when it came down to comparing the two, yes! it is not a direct scene to scene comparison because the file uploader can only take 10,000 images out of the 200,823(24fps) or 50,207(6fps) of the movie. This is because as I mentioned above it was a 6fps vs 24fps. So clearly there would be a difference. Thats 6 frames every single second compared to a whole 24 frames every second! So, if the program can only take those 10,000 images that means you're getting around 28 minutes worth of footage in the 6fps barcode and 7 minutes of the footage in the 24fps barcode. So if I wanted to make an entirely even match up I would have to have a program AND COMPUTER that can take all of those images at once and generate the whole movie under those two FPS rates. However, In just these two images it's easy to determine just how much more detail we can get from having a 24fps barcode. We can see the same colors in image 2 (24fps) all squashed together in image one (6fps). From what we do see, we can tell the movie takes place in a desert like theater and the darker slices could be night time shots or something indoors with more fluorescent lighting. We can't make too many inferences from only 7 to 28 minutes of footage but, I think it would be interesting to see how other parts and times in the movie compared to one another. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to get the entire movie in at the two frame rates and analys those two barcode images. This would allow for us to accuratelly depict the differences in the two frame rates and really see how much data we're losing with less frames per second. I think the overall process from start to finsh went smoothly, I'd just like to see the two entire movies compared in the future.



Image processor


Font design


Image 1: 6FPS barcode

Image 2: 24FPS barcode